Deploying a school technology program

Mac1 Service has years of experience carrying out IT deployments within education environments – both large and small. We create customised solutions for every school we work with after consultation to establish what will work best for them.

With a centralised system designed for deployments, we carry out the process with minimal fuss, saving time and human resources. To support the requirements of our national customer base we have commissioned a secure purpose built facility in Sydney from which to conduct all of our pre-delivery services.

As experienced 1:1 program consultants we have helped many schools across the country with the establishment of their Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems. Our preferred technology is Apple Configurator or the more recently released Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP). Some clients will prefer Apple Configurator which relies on the use of a USB plug-in style charge cart. However, the deployment, configuration and management of both iPads and Macs has been streamlined with the introduction of the wireless Apple DEP technology.

Zero-touch configuration is now really possible by combining Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and an education Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). Setting up iPads and Macs for use at school couldn’t be easier. Once devices are enroled in DEP a guided activation process and built-in Setup Assistant helps individual users setup each device themselves – straight from the box. It’s then possible for administrators to wirelessly supervise these enroled devices providing an even higher level of device management. Administrators can control additional restrictions like turning particular apps on or off, and customising specific configurations and features.

MAC1 deployment services

Schools can choose to start deployment with a simplified device purchasing process for students and staff. After consultation Mac1 Service can create a customised online BYOD purchase portal branded with your school’s identity. The BYOD portal has the added benefit of providing access to special education pricing from Apple.

Should you prefer a wireless Mobile Device Management system we can assist with enrolment of your devices in the Device Enrolment Program (DEP).

Our Asset Registration service can collect and collate information for individual machines deployed in your environment including: serial numbers, Mac1 Service addresses and other required information. This can be mapped to a Rollout ID number.

Mac1 Service can apply any machine-specific settings to each computer, for the efficient deployment of a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) images to each computer.

Please note: Off-site Services and Delivery* is a pre-requisite for SOE Deployment.

Although it is common to apply a Standard Operating Environment to all machines, it is usual for each machine to also be individually personalised, such as enrolling in an MDM system, binding to a directory service such as Open Directory or Active Directory and creating a unique mobile user account  for the end user – something that can only be done on the actual network and on each machine.

Where an external drive is being used as a Time Machine backup destination, it is necessary for the drive to be prepared as the destination drive and to exclude unwanted data from backup, such as the system partition. Mac1 Service will individually assign the drives to the computers and set the exclusions.

Mac1 Service can provide the manpower to remove the delivered units from their packaging, physically distribute, and then connect them to power and ethernet in their environment. Limit of one installation location per 20 devices.

Where Mac1 Service is not performing any Deployment Services off-site, delivery is included free of charge. However, in some cases, it is preferable to have Mac1 Service perform some or all Deployment Services offsite prior to delivery. In these cases, an additional delivery charge* will also apply.

Mac1 Service is able to securely and in an environmentally-friendly manner dispose of packaging. Where any other service is already being provided (SOE Deployment, Asset Registration, Asset Tagging etc) the removal and disposal of the outer brown shipping box is included at no additional charge.

Mac1 Service can provide assistance in planning and running Handout Events, including distributing personalised machines to each recipient at the single event. As a guide, we recommend one Mac1 Service staff member for every 50 machines for an efficient handout event.

Please note this is only available within 80km of a Mac1 Service location.