Introducing a school based BYOD program

As a cost effective way of introducing 1:1 technology within schools Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are growing in popularity. This strategy enables students and staff to use personal computers or devices in the classroom. And while this means schools are saved the expense of purchasing a fleet of devices they are still faced with some interesting new challenges.

How do they find a simple way to integrate a BYOD program into their school without disrupting their current learning environment? What sort of technology will suit their students and the curriculum best? How do they ensure staff and students are getting the most out of the technology and enhancing learning outcomes?

If you or your school community are currently faced with these questions you’ve come to the right place. Mac1 Service have helped many schools across the country implement successful BYOD 1:1 programs. We can assist with all aspects of planning, procurement, deployment, management and training to make sure your BYOD program is realised quickly and easily.

Follow our step by step process to create a successful BYOD program

When you contact Mac1 Service for help with your BYOD program we will put you in touch with one of our local Education Account Executives to begin the planning process. They will take the time to understand the specific needs of your school so they can make informed recommendations and suggest options for your consideration. They will help you decide on the best way to manage your BYOD program. You will receive advice about which devices and models will suit the needs of your students and they will talk to you about the training options we can provide. If you have questions they will help you find the answers.

In order to receive special discounted education pricing on devices we recommend schools work with us to setup an online BYOD Purchasing Portal. The portal will list all the products you decide are appropriate for your school during the planning phase. It will also be branded with your school’s identity. Parents and staff can then use the portal to place their order and arrange payment and delivery.

During the planning phase you will have decided on an appropriate Mobile Device Management system. Our Professional Services Engineers will work with you to deploy the selected MDM system by assisting with the enrolment of devices and initial management settings.

Introducing a BYOD program can create an exciting and sometimes challenging learning curve for both teachers and students. Mac1 Service can assist with various types of training options to ensure everyone gets the most out of the BYOD program. Our Professional Development Team, who are trained and experienced classroom teachers, provide fun interactive workshops for teachers or students. IT staff can benefit from training with one of our Professional Services Engineers to improve their knowledge and skills with the device management system.

Once your BYOD program is up and running we can provide ongoing technical support as needed. There are various ways in which we can facilitate this including on-site maintenance visits, remote system management or phone support.

Mac1 Service are an Authorised Apple Service Provider. This means we are qualified to repair and service Apple products protected under an Apple Warranty. If your device is no longer covered by a warranty we can still fix it for you and you’ll know it’s getting the best treatment possible from qualified Apple Service Technicians. We have Service Centres in various locations around the country.