Explore ways of using iPads in the classroom before purchasing devices

Thinking about introducing iPads to your school technology program but wondering where to start? Have you thought about all the contributing components of an iPad rollout? Things like deployment, device management, PD, BYOD, BYODD,  BYODA, Wi-Fi and all of the other associated acronyms!

To help schools unravel all these things Apple and Mac1 Service have partnered together to bring you the iPad Learning Exchange (ILE). This try before you buy model allows you to make informed decisions as you build the strategic vision for teaching and learning within your school.

The ILE program allows you and your students hands on experience to trial up to 30 iPads in a classroom over a number of days. It is facilitated by our certified Professional Development Team who will weave this program into your current curriculum focus points. This integration will demonstrate how technology can be used to augment learning and not just become a distraction in the classroom or during home-work. It also demonstrates the potential to provide greater learning engagement.

Our two day ILE program usually includes consultation time prior to the trial, a full day of one of our Professional Development Team, hire fees for the equipment, configuration of hardware, purchase of applications necessary for your curriculum requirements, and follow up meetings with the school leadership team to develop the strategic vision into a reality. For more information on pricing and customising an iPad Learning Experience for your school please contact our friendly education team.