Don’t just take our word for it

Here at Mac1 Service we are passionate about the ways in which technology can be used to enhance learning. We pride ourselves on helping our clients succeed by developing strategic technology solutions to suit the needs of their educational environment. Over the years we have developed successful relationships with clients from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across Australia by providing customised solutions. But don’t just take our word for it, browse through our client testimonials below.

This message of thanks came to us in response to one of our accessibility and passion project workshops on iPads for people with disabilities:

Steve, thank you so much. The day was great! Thank you for your wonderful way with the clients – you totally engaged with them and made them all feel very talented.

Kym Edgar
Support and Operations Manager
Endeavour Foundation – Gympie

It was a great day – thanks very much for your support!

It has been a pleasure working with you all and I hope to be able to utilise your talents for another day in the near future!
Kind regards,

Phil Hogg
Regional eLearning Coordinator

Thank you so much for your presentation on coding yesterday, it was very practical and informative. I came away very inspired with the idea of so many learning opportunities for our students.

Nicki Bourbaud
Year 3 and 4 Teacher
St Mary’s Primary
Maffra, Victoria
We had an amazing workshop with Steve Iuliano from MAC1. The teachers who attended from various schools in our Diocese all expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to enhance their skills with the Apple products.

The staff left the PD feeling confident they will be able to enhance not only their understanding of the available technology, but also their students interaction with technology.

We would like to also thank you for organising the event and we look forward to working with you in regards to future requirements. 

Thanks once again for a wonderful PD.

Chris Greenough
Regional IT Superviser 
Morwell, Victoria

Thank you so much for organizing this excellent workshop yesterday with MAC1. I had anticipated that it would be far above my head, but the excellent workshop notes, visual supports and hands-on presentation have really made me feel more confident and excited about the huge potential of iPad use with my clients. I also feel more confident in assisting parents to use this tool more effectively as a therapy resource, rather than simply a sophisticated toy.

Please convey my thanks also to the staff of MAC1, who were endlessly patient with our questions and very clear in their explanations.
Kind regards

Roberta Kehren
Speech Pathologist
Clinical Education Support Officer (CESO – Speech Pathology)
Mater Health Services

Holy Family Primary School has been very fortunate when it comes to access to technology in the school as well as opportunities for support for teachers and students. MAC1 has been working in our school over the last 3 years and positive results have always ensued.

Students and teachers alike are excited when knowing Steve, a.k.a ‘The Mac Man’ was coming in for a school visit. After each of his visits, not only do students feel more confident that they had learnt something, more importantly, they felt confident that they could go away and extend on their learning and adapt where necessary. Our Year 6 students have worked with Steve many times over the last three years, today those students are creating iMovie advertisements, including using green screen effects, for various projects and podcasts and soundscapes with Garageband. They are able to combine several of these presentation tools to create a high standard multimedia presentation which would match that of high school students and sometimes beyond.

Similarly, teachers have felt confident that they would be able (and have done so) to incorporate technology into their teaching so that tasks are rich, relevant and meaningful for students. The support we have received from Mac1 has encouraged and challenged teachers to become creative in their teaching methods and to give students more breadth with using technology to synthesise, create and evaluate information.

Thank you MAC1 for your continued support in our school

Amanda Joseph
IT Coordinator
Holy Family Primary

We have utilized the services of with MAC1 over the last three years in the integration of ICT into the curriculum. We would not hesitate to recommend MAC1 as a training provider as their service and commitment has been outstanding. Steve Iuliano has worked with both staff and students to develop skills in cloud technology, the utilization of notebooks in the classroom as well iPads and educational apps. Student learning and skills have been significantly enhanced whilst the reaction of staff has been universally positive.

Importantly staff have transferred their training into the classroom to improve learning outcomes for students.

Andrew Mackenzie
eLearning Coordinator
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College, Burraneer

Steve Iuliano from MAC1 has visited St Michael’s on more than one occasion to provide professional learning opportunities for our classroom and specialist teachers.

The first event GarageBand was the focus with a group of talented stage 2 & 3 musicians and two music teachers as a learning opportunity led by Steve. This experience has resulted in change for both students and teachers. Students have been able to peer tutor and create original music for many creative projects eg iMovies. The music teachers have incorporated GarageBand into their learning activities for composition and this has resulted in improved learning outcomes.

More recently the school purchased Macbook Pros dedicated for classroom teachers’ use. The rationale behind this purchase included the need to improve teacher capacity using Apple devices, as many staff members have had little or no experience. Steve was able to provide a three hour session to two groups of teachers – those with the least experience. The result has seen a decreased request for basic help from our IT Trainee or myself – freeing our time to meet other requests.

Patricia Lee
Learning Technologies Coordinator
St Michael’s Primary School, Baulkham Hills

From classroom teachers

“Great Mac session. I now know the basics needed to work with my computer.”
Natalie, Kindy teacher

“Very helpful and useful – particularly to get the settings the way I want them.”
Therese, Year 1 teacher

“Steve explained everything in an easy to understand way and answered all questions – no matter how ‘lame’!”
Julie, Year 3 teacher

“Very informative. Explanations were clear and simple. Step by step instructions. Thank you!”
Brigitte, Year 3 teacher

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support that you have provided for our school over the last two years. The services that you have introduced to our teachers and students, including Garage Band and iMovie have created a great increase in skill and understanding for both teachers and students.

Furthermore, the skills learnt by you have allowed teachers to develop their class programs to include more creativity and technology.

The ongoing conversations of help and assistance you provide on the phone and via email have been wonderful in supporting our teachers and myself as Learning Technology Coordinator.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to learning more from you next year when we have our new open-plan learning spaces.

Jennifer Coope
Catholic Education Office Parramatta
Learning Technology Coordinator and Stage 3 Teacher

Overall I highly recommend the services of MAC1 to anyone seeking out a supplier of Apple products, in particular those seeking support in developing a successful one-to-one program.

The dedication to their clients and ability to provide a level of service that is unsurpassed is a credit to their team.

Mr Phil Sakellaridis
Year 7 iPad Program Coordinator
St Josephs College

MAC1 Newcastle is a proactive business that provided wonderful onsite support for my school. I would recommend any school who was considering purchasing any iPads or Mac products to contact them to discuss the best and easiest way to purchase and install these products.

Wonderful work and excellent service.

Lisa Monaghan
Assistant principal
Booragul Public School

Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm, it is truly contagious and I think that the teachers and students are really embracing your contribution to their IT learning 🙂

Veronica Bailey
St Bernards, Botany

Melissa and the staff at MAC1 have been incredibly supportive and efficient in assisting us with the TIGS BYOT program. They respond in a timely manner to all our requests and offer practical and innovative solutions. Our students, staff and parents continue to benefit immensely from the services provided by MAC1.

The Illawarra Grammar School

Dear Steve and Simone,

I wanted to thank you both personally for the outstanding skill and expertise you shared with us today. You enabled me to understand coding a little better.

It was so much fun and I felt more and more capable as I developed my coding skills by designing a game. The kids were also amazing and were great tutors – a nice role reversal!

Thanks for demystifying coding for me. Much appreciated.

Tanya Modini
Regina Coeli, Beverly Hills