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Apple Products – Apple Watch

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Project Description

Apple Watch Sport Band

Made from high-performance fluoroelastomer, the Sport Band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft. The smooth, dense material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin. An innovative pin-and-tuck closure keeps the end of the band neatly secured.

38mm: Bands fit 130-200mm wrists  |  42mm: Bands fit 140-210mm wrists

Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band

Every Woven Nylon band is made from over 500 threads woven together in a unique, colourful pattern. Monofilaments connect four layers of the weave to create a single durable band with a comfortable, fabric-like feel.

38mm: Bands fit 125-195mm wrists  |  42mm: Bands fit 145-215mm wrists

Apple Watch Classic Buckle Band

This traditional design is made from a calf leather that ages naturally over time to acquire a beautiful patina. The contrasting interior lining creates a dramatic two-tone look, and the colour-matched edge stitching provides a subtle complement.

38mm: Bands fit 130-195mm wrists  |  42mm: Bands fit 145-215mm wrists

Apple Watch Modern Buckle Band

A small French tannery produces the supple Granada leather for this elegant band. What looks like a solid buckle is actually a two-piece magnetic closure that’s delightfully simple to secure. There’s also an inner layer of Vectran weave for strength and stretch resistance. It’s the same material NASA used to make the landing airbags for the Mars Rover spacecraft.

38mm  |  Small Bands fit 135-150mm wrists  |  Medium Bands fit 145-165mm wrists  |  Large Bands fit 160-180mm wrists

Apple Watch Leather Loop Band

This band is made from Venezia leather handcrafted in Arzignano, Italy. With an artisan heritage spanning five generations, the tannery has a history of partnership with some of the most prestigious names in fashion. Magnets concealed within the leather provide a trim look and precise fit.

42mm  |  Medium Bands fit 150-185mm wrists  |  Large Bands fit 180-210mm wrists

Apple Watch Link Bracelet Band

Crafted from the same stainless steel alloy as the Apple Watch case, the Link Bracelet has more than 100 components. The machining process is so precise, it takes nearly nine hours to cut the links for a single band. In part that’s because the links aren’t a uniform size but vary subtly in width. The custom-made butterfly closure folds neatly within the bracelet for a thin profile. And you can easily add or remove links without any special tools.

38mm: Bands fit 135-195mm wrists  |  42mm: Bands fit 140-205mm wrists

Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band

A modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. Woven on specialised Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop closes neatly and is infinitely adjustable.

38mm: Bands fit 130-180mm wrists  |  42mm: Bands fit 150-200mm wrists