Project Description

Schatzii Smart Cloths for Cleaning Apple Devices

Created with intelligent function and smart design, the Schatzii Smart Cloth gives you clarity. Ultra-durable and machine washable for long life this smart microfibre cleaning cloth is dual sided with a plush finish on one side for buffing and a uniquely patterned smooth finish on the other side for polishing your favorite gear. Made of 100% microfibre, this smart cleaning cloth provides super effective scratch-free cleaning, making it the ideal smart phone, tablet, laptop or eyewear companion. Schatzii Smart Cloth also works well as a screen cleaner for your LCDs, plasmas, game consoles or headphones. Naturally hydrophilic the Schatzii Smart Cloth absorb oils and liquids from your screens without the need for chemical sprays.

Please note that the product photo is for illustrative purposes and the patterns available may vary to that shown in this image.